Berlusconi’s hometown gives gays local marriage rights

The small town of Arcore, near Milan, is where the 'bunga-bunga' prime minister owns his enormous villa

Berlusconi’s hometown gives gays local marriage rights
25 April 2013

Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s hometown has introduced an official register for its same-sex couples.

The small town of Arcore, near Milan, northern Italy, is where Berlusconi lives most of the year.

In the sprawling villa, surrounded by enormous grounds, he allegedly organized his ‘bunga-bunga’ parties.

The register was voted in by the left-wing majority of the council, but the mayor, Rosalba Colombo, refused to intervene or comment.

During the debate, gay lawyer and left-wing politician Paolo Oddi said: ‘I have to thank the town of Arcore. I’ve been living in a same-sex couple for the last 20 years and I know what gay couples want and need.’

Oddi is already officially registered with Milan’s same-sex couples’ book with his partner, famous journalist Paolo Hutter.

The new register, which has validity only in Arcore, will introduce some rights including access to local benefits, like council houses and family support allowance.

Commentators highlighted that the hometown of a former prime minister, who has never approved a pro-gay law, is now among the most tolerant cities in the country.

And Facebook jokers suggested Berlusconi may now organize another bunga-bunga party to toast the happy couples involved in the first registrations.

Same-sex couples’ registers have been approved in recent years in several Italian cities.



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