The best sofa in the world?

Toyota Camry ad contains a positive portrayal of a bi guy and a human sofa we can all appreciate

The best sofa in the world?
17 February 2012 Print This Article

Whether your taste runs to buxom blondes and brunettes or gym-toned hunks, Toyota thinks they’ve got a sofa for you.

The car manufacturers advert for their new Camry suggests that its re-invention was so radical that they were inspired to ‘continue reinventing’ with a sofa made up entirely of sexy girls or guys, a baby time-machine and rain that gives you the perfect body.

We may be more excited about the other inventions than the car itself. But we’ve got to give Toyota points for one of the first positive portrayals of a bisexual man in a mainstream advert.

It’s obvious from the look on his face that, while the sofa-owner enjoys the female upgrade, he’s also open to a bit of male seating action.

The car starts at $21,955 (€16,700). It’s not clear what the retail price of the sofa or the non-pooping baby might be.



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