Beth Ditto wants to write a song for Madonna

And the lesbian singer from the Gossip wants 50+ year-old popstar to dress better

Beth Ditto wants to write a song for Madonna
09 August 2012

Lesbian singer from the Gossip has told a German magazine that she wants to write a song for Madonna – and to offer her some fashion advice.

‘I really want to do that [write a song for Madonna]!’ Ditto said, as reported by Yahoo!

‘And while I’m on it I would like to style her too.’

Ditto, who designed a range for UK ‘outsize’ high street store Evans, said she would make Madonna look ‘chic’ and ‘classic’ and that ‘she shouldn’t look that spun and pimped out all the time!’

Ditto is planning to marry her long-term girlfriend Kristin Ogata in April 2013. The couple live in Portland, Oregon where they rarely get recognized despite Ditto’s international fame.

‘We don’t have any success in the USA,’ said Ditto. ‘On the one hand that sucks, on the other hand it doesn’t. Whenever I’m home I have my peace and can relax.

‘Why aren’t we famous in the US? Too fat, too lesbian or too gay? Too cheeky? I don’t know.’



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