Beth Ditto’s getting married

Gossip front-woman Ditto talks of marriage and children

Beth Ditto’s getting married
07 May 2012

Beth Ditto says she’s marrying her ‘best friend since I was 18′ at a ceremony in Hawaii next April.

In an interview published yesterday in The Observer, the lesbian singer said the wedding would be ‘the most hysterical cultural mismatching’ because her girlfriend Kristin Ogata is from Hawaii and Ditto is from an Arkansas family of eight siblings.

‘I was born to be married,’ said Ditto in the interview. ‘I just feel comfortable there. I love the idea of being partnered for ever. I love my girlfriend, we’ve been best friends since I was 18. There’s not a thing we haven’t been through except for marriage.’

Ditto and Ogata, who live in Portland, Oregon, are also planning a family. ‘We’ve had talks about what we would name our kids since we were in our 20s,’ said Ditto.

Gossip’s breakthrough single Standing in the Way of Control was about the Bush administration’s proposal of the Federal Marriage Amendment which would have constitutionally outlawed same-sex marriage. ‘I wrote the chorus to try and encourage people not to give up,’ she said.

The band’s new album, A Joyful Noise, is released this month.



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