Bi singer Jessie J reveals heart murmur made her a sick child

Extracts from chart-topper Jessie J's autobiography reveals the singer spent her childhood in and out of hospital with heart problems

Bi singer Jessie J reveals heart murmur made her a sick child
24 September 2012

Bisexual British singer Jessie J has revealed she has a heart condition that left her in and out of hospital when she was a child.

In an extract published in newspaper The Mail on Sunday, Jessie J, real name Jessica Ellen Cornish, reveals she first became aware of health problems when she was seven years old.

The ‘Who You Are’ singer says in her new autobiography; Nice To Meet You: ‘The very first time that something happened was when we were in Epping Forrest.

‘We were going back to the car after a day out and my dad said, "Race ya" so we started running but I collapsed.

‘Because I could be quite dramatic and silly, my dad thought I was just messing about. But I couldn’t move and I couldn’t breathe.

‘He realised it was serious, so he picked me up and we drove to the hospital. I was afraid and confused.’

Doctors discovered the future popstar  had an irregular heartbeat and put her on beta-blockers, which are drugs which help your heart return to a proper rhythm.

Cornish says: ‘The side effects meant I had low blood pressure. I remember collapsing a lot and having seizures.

‘I was a sickly, skinny girl who had a slight green tinge to her skin because of the drugs and who was always in and out of hospital.’

Extracts from the autobiography also reveal The Voice UK coach suffered a minor stroke when she was 18 years old after getting pains in her right leg and found it hard to breathe.

After spending two weeks in hospital the ‘Domino’ singer worked to rebuild her lost muscles.

‘Apart from my right side being achy when I am tired and a trapped nerve I have had under my arm ever since, I’m fine,’ she said.

Jessie J will be signing copies of her new book Nice To Meet You, at Waterstones, Picadilly Circus, in London on 27 September. 

As of April 2012, she has sold over 11 million singles and 2.5 million albums worldwide.



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