Bid to rename San Francisco Airport after Harvey Milk shelved

San Francisco International Airport will not be named after slain gay rights icon Harvey Milk

Bid to rename San Francisco Airport after Harvey Milk shelved
09 May 2013 Print This Article

A San Francisco lawmaker abandons bid to rename the city’s international airport after Milk due to opposition from Maor Edwin Lee and local press.

Supervisor David Campos said he would instead plan to pursue getting an airport terminal named in Milk’s honor, although it is doubted that not even the international terminal, would be a contender.

Campos stated that fellow politicians, business leaders and members of the public wanted the airport renamed, reported USAToday.

Supporters have expressed their wide disappointment on Facebook and Twitter.

Campos proposes a compromise instead, to have a committee recommend which of San Francisco International’s four passenger terminals should be named for Milk.

The committee, to be appointed by the mayor and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, will have three months to make its recommendation, although it has been suggested that the international terminal would not be a main contender for the bid.

It also will be asked to suggest other airport structures that could be named in honor of other prominent San Franciscans.

Campos stated: ‘We wanted to do it in a way that was a unifying thing as opposed to having a political fight.

‘And we believe that is the best way to honor Harvey.’

Milk’s nephew, Stuart Milk, pro gay rights advocate, who heads a foundation named for his late uncle, voiced his support of the idea.

‘We have work to do in the U.S., don’t get me wrong, but where Harvey was 35 years ago is where so much of the world is today, so I think that is what resonates the most,’ stated Stuart Milk.

Harvey Milk is acknowledged worldwide with an LGBT community center named after him in Italy, as well as biographical film that became a global hit.



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