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Bill Nighy, Dominic West to star in gay miners’ strike film

A 'Pride' comedy-drama will tell the story of how the LGBT community and miners joined together to fight back against Margaret Thatcher
Dominic West will star in gay pride 1980s drama-comedy.

Top British actors Bill Nighy and Dominic West are confirmed to star in a film about the role gay people played during the 1980s miners’ strikes.

The stars, joined by Harry Potter actress Imelda Staunton, will begin shooting ‘Pride’ in October.

Based on the true story of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM), the film will look at how the two groups Margaret Thatcher tried to repress – the LGBT community and miners – joined together to fight back.

‘Pride’ will be directed by Tony award-winning Matthew Warchus, best known for staging theater adaptions of Matilda, Lord of the Rings and Ghost.

‘This was a script I just couldn’t say no to. It made me laugh out loud, it surprised and delighted me at every turn, and it ultimately moved me to tears,’ he said.

‘It’s a truly affirming and inspiring story, funny, honest and moving, and by the end of it you want to punch the air and cheer.’

Set in the summer of 1984, a group of gay and lesbian activists decides to raise money to support the families of the striking miners. But, the National Union of Mineworkers is reluctant and embarrassed to receive their help.

It climaxes in a fundraising event in Camden, described by tabloid The Sun at the time as ‘Pits and Perverts’.

Meant to undermine the striking miners, it backfires and strengthens support against the Iron Lady.

‘Pride’ will shoot for eight weeks in London and Wales, and is based on a true story written by playwright Stephen Beresford. There is no current release date.

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