Bisexual ‘body parts’ murderer arrested in Berlin

Porn star Luka Magnotta was arrested in the German city today after fleeing Canada last weekend

Bisexual ‘body parts’ murderer arrested in Berlin
04 June 2012

A Canadian porn actor who severed the limbs of his boyfriend, filmed the murder, and posted them to politicians was seized in Berlin today (4 June).

Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, who is suspected of killing Chinese student 33-year-old Jun Lin, was picked up by authorities in an internet cafe in Neukoelln, a district of the German capital.

Berlin police spokeswoman Kerstin Zeismer confirmed the suspect was arrested after a member of the public recognised him and alerted the authorities.

She said: ‘Officers arrested him on the site. He did not put up any resistance.

‘He says he is the wanted person,’ she added, while cautioning that his identity must still be independently confirmed by German authorities.

A Canadian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, also confirmed the arrest.

French officials believed early today he had been in northwest Paris after suspected sightings, supported by CCTV images released by Interpol.

He will face charges of threatening the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper after he mailed a severed foot to the Conservative Party headquarters.

A hand was sent to the Liberal party, and the headless, limbless torso of his ex-lover was found in a suitcase outside Magnotta’s apartment.

Magnotta, who is on Interpol’s most wanted list, fled Canada on 26 May.  



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