Bisexual star Margaret Cho explains why she is in an open marriage with a man

'I just don't want to have sex with the same person my whole life. That's just gross'

Bisexual star Margaret Cho explains why she is in an open marriage with a man
09 August 2013

Margaret Cho has been married to the same man for 10 years but that doesn’t mean he’s the only person she’s having sex with.

‘I’m bisexual,’ Cho told the ladies of The Real this week. ‘I just can’t decide. I just want to have sex with everybody.’

While she is able to sleep with other men and women, Cho’s husband, artist Al Ridenour, also sleeps with other women.

‘We got together because … we both have this [idea], "I just don’t want to have sex with the same person my whole life. That’s just gross,"’ she said.

Cho claims to never get jealous even if she comes home and her husband is with someone else.

‘We have a really big house,’ she said. ‘It’s kind of like if we wanna have that, it’s like, "You can stay on your side or I’ll stay on my side." When I see her, I’ll make her dinner.’

Cho currently stars in the Lifetime drama Drop Dead Diva and is about to embark on her latest stand-up comedy tour.



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