Bisexual teen dad hanged himself in woods

English 16-year-old was found dead after he was the victim of homophobic bullying at school for over two years

Bisexual teen dad hanged himself in woods
07 February 2013

A bisexual teen dad has was found hanged after suffering homophobic bullying at school.

Anthony Stubbs, 16, from Lancashire, went missing in the middle of November last year.

Before he left, he spent the day with his girlfriend Charlotte Mason, 18, and their four-month-old daughter Lily.

Two months after, Stubbs had gone to in a nearby wood, left a carefully written suicide note, and hanged himself. He was found days after his death on 14 January.

Speaking to The Sun, his mother Denise said: ‘Anthony was getting bullied by girls for two years.

‘He would get shouted “gay boy” at, get slapped in the face, come home with his school jumper ripped and even got his phone stolen.

‘He would be upset but pick himself up and go back the next day.

‘I spoke to his teachers about it, but Anthony begged me not to get involved because it was making it worse and he’d get embarrassed.’

She added: ‘I think Anthony was very good at hiding how he really felt and making everyone believe he was OK.’

His mum had always suspected Stubbs could be gay, but only plucked up the courage to tell him it was okay when he was going to be a father.

‘He shouted that he wasn’t gay and loved Charlotte, but eventually confessed he might be bisexual,’ she said.

When he went missing, he had told his girlfriend he was going to his mother’s house.

But after the two texted a suspicious number in his phone, a man texted back a sexually explicit message. They believed Stubbs had left to ‘experiment’ and try to find himself.

Stubbs’ mother added: ‘I think his feelings for the same sex left him struggling to know what to do about it.

‘I think it got on top of him — coping with these feelings, being a dad and being good to Charlotte.

‘I think there should be someone in schools to support teenagers who may be going through this confusion.’

In Stubbs’ suicide note left in his schoolbag, he told his mother he loved her and gave his little brother his Xbox.

‘Well, I’m gone but not completely,’ it read. ‘I will be watching over you and making sure you make the right choices. And don’t forget me, I’m in heaven looking down.

‘Please don’t grieve and try to move on as best you can, I love you all so very much.’



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