Bisexual X Factor contestant Charlie on finding love

MK1 rapper talks about her long-term girlfriend and the feelings for the lesbian contestants

Bisexual X Factor contestant Charlie on finding love
21 October 2012

X Factor UK contestant Charlie Rundle has spoken about being openly bisexual, and how she feels about her lesbian contestants.

The rapper, 19, is currently starring in the show with best friend Simeon Dixon, as the band MK1.

In an interview with The Sun, she said: ‘If I go out and guys come up to me and they look really confused when I’ve got a girlfriend.

‘It’s weird because all the girls think I’m gay and all the guys think I’m straight. But I actually like boys and girls, so I get the best of both worlds.’

Rundle revealed she has been in a relationship with a girl for the past year, and says she trusts her ‘100%’.

‘I was friends with this girl in my town and we used to hang out and then one day I started feeling a bit different and I thought, “I like both”,’ she said.

The rapper said, while she likes the British reality show’s lesbian contestants, Lucy Spraggan and Jade Ellis, they are not her type.

‘They haven’t given me the eye either,’ she said. ‘They’ve got their own people. And Jade is like my best friend. We have such a laugh together. And, to be honest, if I go out I tend to look at guys first.’

Check out Rundle performing a mash-up of Gypsy Woman and Pass Out here:



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