Bite into Baketique’s beautiful cupcakes

Baketique have launched their collection of mini cupcakes, and they are less than 49 calories each

Bite into Baketique’s beautiful cupcakes
29 August 2012

With the Great British Bake Off now in it’s third week, baking fever has replaced Britain’s Olympic fever, with this season’s Bake Off gaining an extra million viewers than last year.

And if all these baked goods are making you peckish then look no further than Mychelle’s Baketique’s brand new bite-sized mini cupcakes.

The cakes comes in five delicious flavors: carrot cake, raspberry pie, rainbow vanilla, chocolate covered strawberry and that good old American classic, peanut butter & jelly.

And best of all, at just 49 calories (or less) per cake you can have more than one without feeling guilty.

When the mini treats arrived at GSN we thought Easter had come early as we were presented with a selection of pastel-colored egg boxes.

We loved the rainbow vanilla cupcake, where the sponge is decorated with a rainbow effect pattern and comes with a dollop of vanilla butter cream on top. Simply scrumptious.

But the rest of the flavours were equally impressive.

These cakes are also eco-friendly, as the egg box packaging is recyclable and they are baked without casing for minimal waste.

Baketique also makes full-sized cakes and cupcakes, specializing in quirky flavours like pina colada and apple pie with ice cream, but also mastering the classics such as red velvet. 

And Baketique don’t just make confectionary delights for people– they also cater to man’s best friend.

Pupcakes come in a range of flavors and all are made using natural and dog-friendly ingredients including fresh fruit, soybean, honey, peanut butter, skimmed milk and oatmeal.

Some recipes such as the ‘birthday cake’ calls for extra lean beef and can be made the size of a normal cake. 

And how could we forget PUMPcakes? Cakes designed to look like high heels, and 100% edible with a cupcake sole and chocolate flute wafer high heel.

Cakes can be made to order catering to individual tastes including vegan and gluten free. 

Visit Mychelle’s Baketique’s website more details. 



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