BNP leader sends British Justice team to gay couple’s home

Far-right British National Party leader Nick Griffin has threatened to send supporters to a gay couple’s home after they won a court case against Christian hoteliers

BNP leader sends British Justice team to gay couple’s home
18 October 2012

British National Party leader Nick Griffin has threatened to send a ‘justice’ team to the home of a gay couple who won a discrimination case against two Christians who refused them a hotel room.

Michael Black, 64, and John Morgan, 69, who booked by email and paid a deposit, were turned away by Christian owner Susanne Wilkinson when they arrived at the Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, Berkshire, southern England in March 2010.

They have now been awarded £3,600 at Reading County Court for ‘injury to feelings’ after Wilkinson and her husband lost the case.

But the right-wing British National Party’s leader, Griffin, who is a Member of the European Parliament, has this afternoon (18 October) released the gay couple’s address on Twitter and said he’ll send a ‘team’ round to their home.

Tweeting on the subject Griffin started by asking his followers: ‘If anyone can give us address of 2 bullying ‘gay’ activists who’ve won case against Christian B&B owners, we’ll hold demo… for rights of all home owners, gays included, to rent or not rent rooms to whomsoever they wish.’

A little later, having found or been given the address he followed up: ‘So Messrs Black and Morgan, at [address withheld by GSN but listed in Griffin’s tweet], a British Justice team up to Huntingdon & give you a… bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple’s home is their castle. Say no to heterophobia.’

He later added: ‘Why don’t left & gay activists confront Muslims instead of picking on meek & forgiving Christians? Bullies are always cowards!’ [All quotes sic]

Griffin has often been slammed for homophobia and has been convicted previously of inciting racial hatred.

His British National Party is a minority party in the UK but he and another BNP member did manage to secure seats in the European Parliament, where Griffin is among those representing North West England.

Gay Star News contacted Griffin to ask him if he was concerned publishing the couple’s address would expose them to danger.

He told us: ‘I haven’t put out the couple’s address, I have put out part of their address.’

GSN notes the property number, road name and town name were all included in Griffin’s tweet so we do not know what information he withheld.

He added: ‘Our team will be noisy and polite. They have nothing to fear physically. We defend ourselves but we are opposed to the use of violence.

‘From now on, people like that, and the idiot left-wing judges, are all in the frame for some polite but robust direct action.’

He explained to GSN that he believed anyone should be able to refuse goods, services or even employment to anyone else on the basis of their sexuality or race. This includes gay hoteliers refusing rooms to heterosexuals or a boss firing someone merely because of their skin color.

Leading British gay campaign organization Stonewall tweeted that it was ‘shocking’ Griffin had released Black and Morgan’s address but added it was a ‘reminder of the hatred against gay people that still exists in Britain’.



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