Bonnie Raitt films music video with same sex couples

Bonnie Raitt's first album in seven years features Gerry Rafferty's 'Right Down the Line'

Bonnie Raitt films music video with same sex couples
07 April 2012

It's been seven years since Bonnie Raitt's last album. On 10 April her own label, Redwing Records, will release 'Slipstream.'  The album's first release is a reggae inflected cover of Gerry Rafferty's 'Right Down The Line,' and the accompanying video portrays a number of same sex couples.

The musical video is directed by Steven Lippman and was filmed at San Francisco's New Mission Theater. A director's cut of the video can be found at Vimeo.

Throughout her career, Raitt has always kept an eye on the political. In its interview of the guitarist, the Los Angles Times lists the causes she's passionate about.

'Raitt, who helped launch the Rhythm and Blues Foundation to protect the rights of veteran R&B musicians and started the Bonnie Raitt Guitar Project with Boys and Girls Clubs of America to provide instruments and lessons to underprivileged youths, has also been a longtime supporter of anti-nuclear efforts,' the article noted.

In 1979 she performed in the No Nukes benefit concert. She rejoined the ordinal bill in last year's anniversary reunion show with  musicians such as Jackson Browne and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Despite her politics, she's a musician first. It was the guitar riff of 'Right Down The Line' that pricked her ear.

'I've always been a big Gerry Rafferty fan,' she said to the magazine Rolling Stone. 'I heard the song…come on the radio a few years ago and the guitar came to me like a lighting bolt. Gerry was such a soulful and unique artist and I'm very sorry he passed before he could hear our version of his song.'



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