Book claims Jessie J is lesbian, not bisexual

Book claims bisexual British pop phenomenon and star of The Voice talent show, Jessie J, was forced by record label to say she is bisexual not gay

Book claims Jessie J is lesbian, not bisexual
19 April 2012

A new book claims that Jessie J is actually 100% lesbian but was ordered by her record company to claim she is bisexual so as not to turn off male fans.

The 24-year-old has become a UK phenomenon with her song Price Tag and is now a judge on British singing talent show The Voice.

Now the author of a new book, Chloe Govan, has said Jessie J has not had a boyfriend since realizing she was a lesbian at 17.

His biography Jessie J: Who’s Laughing Now makes the unsubstantiated claim the singer took the advice of bosses at record label Universal, rather than lose her record deal.

In a separate article, Jessie J has said she surrounds herself with people that will not tolerate her bad moods.

She admits she can get quite irritable but insists on having people in her inner circle that won't let her get away with it.

She explained: ‘You live in a bubble when you are travelling, touring and in the studio or on stage. You wake up and don't know what country you are in and you have people around you saying: “You are amazing” and “let me do this or that” and you completely lose yourself.

‘It is going to affect you, even if you don't want it to. You have to be careful that you don't surround yourself with yes men. I need people who say: “You are being an idiot today, shut up”.’

She admits that one of the worst times to catch her is when she hasn't had a decent meal.

Talking to the Daily Star newspaper, she added: ‘When I am hungry you don't want to mess with me.

‘There are people I'm sure who have met me and said: “Oh God, she is awful!” But we all have bad days and there have been times when I am tired and hungry and it's like that.’



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