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Boy Scout troop risks losing charter over gay-friendly policy

The Boy Scouts of America threatens to shut down Pack 442 of Cloverly, Maryland after the troop posted a non-discrimination policy on their website
A gay-friendly Boy Scout troop could lose funds and access to the organization.

An entire troop faces expulsion from the Boy Scouts of America for adopting a non-discrimination policy.

Last year Pack 442 of Cloverly, Maryland posted a clause on their website that reads: 'Pack 442 WILL NOT discriminate against any individual or family based on race, religion, national origin, ability, or sexual orientation.' Shortly after, the National Capital Area Council (NCAC), the larger Boy Scouts council to which 442 belongs, demanded the troop remove the message or risk removal from the Boy Scouts of America.

Through a poll on its website, Pack 442 conducted a survey in September with its members on whether or not to keep the non-discrimination policy. The vote received an overwhelming majority to keep the clause.

Pack 442 has until today (26 January) to remove the online message or lost access to member insurance, rank badges and scout camps.

Les Baron, Scout Executive of the NCAC, confirmed in an interview with NBC News that Pack 442 could lost its charter if it upholds the non-discrimination policy for violating the Boy Scout's ban on openly gay Scouts or leaders.

'All I am trying to do is maintain the quality and integrity of the Boy Scouts of America and its policies. We are working with the pack to try to work out our differences'.

The Boy Scouts of America has become embroiled in numerous battles over the past year for its anti-gay policies. The organization has lost funding from the United Parcel Service and Intel Corp., and has received much media attention for expelling openly gay members from service.

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