Boy Scout troop succumbs to pressure, removes gay-friendly statement from website

Threatened with losing its charter, Pack 442 took down an online clause that said they 'will not discriminate against any individual or family based on sexual orientation'

Boy Scout troop succumbs to pressure, removes gay-friendly statement from website
27 January 2013

Boy Scouts of America pressured a Maryland troop to drop a gay-friendly policy this week.

In summer 2012 Pack 442 of Cloverly, Maryland updated their website by adding a non-discrimination declaration on their website that read: ”Pack 442 WILL NOT discriminate against any individual or family based on race, religion, national origin, ability, or sexual orientation.’

Even though the troop’s members voted online last year to keep the policy, National Capital Area Council (NCAC), the regional division of Boy Scouts of America which oversees Pack 442, threatened to cut off access to funds and privileges unless the statement was taken down.

Troop 442 had until yesterday (26 January) to respond.

A statement on the site now reads: Due to pressure from the National Capital Area Council of BSA, Pack 442 was forced to remove its Non-Discrimination statement in order to keep our Charter (set to expire Jan 31st). This Non-Discrimination statement, previously posted here, welcomed ALL families’.

‘Pack 442 will continue to provide a wonderful and enriching program for scouts and families in the community’.

Pack 442’s non-discrimination clause was in direct conflict with the Boy Scouts of America long-standing policy that forbids openly gay Scouts or leaders.



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