Son of two moms releases inspiring childhood memoir

Zach Wahls defended same-sex marriage in the Iowa state senate when he was just 19, now he has released a memoir about his childhood growing up with lesbian parents

Son of two moms releases inspiring childhood memoir
30 August 2012

The 21-year-old American son of two lesbians has written a book about his parents’ relationship and the life lessons they have taught him.

Zach Wahls, an environmental engineering student from Iowa City, Iowa, was conceived using IVF and donor sperm in 1991.

A younger sister followed and they grew up raised by their two moms, biological mother Terry Wahls, known as ‘tall mom’, and non-biological mom Jackie Reger, who Wahls calls ‘short mom’.

The couple have been married legally since 2009, but in 2011 state lawmakers decided to make a constitutional amendment that would repeal the legality of gay marriages in Iowa.

Then, at 19 years old, Wahls decided to go and speak in the Iowa House of Representatives where he delivered a passionate defence of same-sex marriage on the floor of the house. 

Wahls then became an internet sensation with more than 18 million hits on Youtube and achieving mainstream media attention in the international and national press as well as appearing on daytime and primetime TV shows in the US.

When he appeared on the Ellen Degeneres’ talk show, shees called Wahls ‘a hero for speaking out’ in defence of same-sex marriage.

Now three years later he has written a book about his childhood, hoping to deliver the message to other children with same-sex parents who feel outcast: you are not alone.

In the book Wahls argues his life is not much different to most Americans, and describes the pain he felt of his family being painted as a threat to traditional values.

In a video for the BBC, Wahls said: ‘The idea that two gay people can raise a healthy happy child is a very radical idea to some people.’

My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength and What Makes A Family  is now available to buy at Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble. 



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