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To boycott or not to boycott: How to tackle anti-LGBTI countries?

At the upcoming Gay Star Beach Party on 18 and 19 January, LGBTI community leaders debate the pros and cons of activism and the ethics of traveling to anti-LGBTI destinations
Gay Star News is hosting a debate at the Gay Star Beach Party to discuss how to deal with anti-LGBTI countries.

As members of the LGBTI community, how do we best help our ‘family’ in countries where anti-LGBTI laws exist?

With protests against Uganda and Russia’s anti-gay laws making global headlines, Gay Star News wants to discuss if there’s something different we could be doing to fight anti-LGBTI legislation.

Gay Star News is hosting two debates during the Gay Star Beach Party and LGBTI Travel Show on 18 and 19 January at 3pm to address difficult and controversial topics.

Is pushing for same-sex marriage causing backlash against LGBTI individuals in some countries?

Is digital activism successful or just a lazy way to make us feel better about not doing anything?

Is it better to visit countries with poor LGBTI rights records, or do we boycott them?

To help inform the debate, Gay Star News will host activists and industry leaders at the Gay Star Beach Party and LGBTI Travel Show, a free two-day party in London’s club Heaven at Charing Cross.

The panel on Saturday 18 January, discussing the pros and cons of global LGBTI activism, will include:

  • Omar Kuddus, the globally renowned LGBTI activist
  • Protest organizer Edwin Sesange from African LGBTI group Out & Proud Diamond Group
  • Director of Global Campaigns at All Out Marie Campbell
  • Alistair Stewart, Assistant Director of global LGBTI group Kaleidoscope Trust
  • Writer, investigative journalist and campaigner Jane Fae

The panel on Sunday 19 January will debate the ethics of LGBTI travel and includes:

  • LGBTI rights activist Peter Tatchell
  • Nigerian gay rights activist Bisi Alimi
  • Elly Barnes , Founder of Educate and Celebrate, encouraging schools to become LGBTI friendly
  • Stewart Who, travel writer, DJ and scene celebrity

GSN Editor-in-chief Tris Red-Smith, who will be chairing both debates, said: ‘The travel show and party is about fun – but we also wanted it to have a serious side.

‘More people than ever care about international LGBTI rights and many of us have signed petitions or attended protests. But how do we make a real difference and how do we ensure our efforts don’t backfire – putting the people we want to help in danger?

‘When it comes to where you travel – for leisure or work – should you boycott anti-LGBTI destinations? Does that help? And where do you draw the line? Or is it better to go and support their LGBTI communities?

‘Our panel of experts will help us explore all this and I’ll be encouraging the audience to ask questions and have their say.’

The Gay Star Beach Party and LGBTI Travel Show is a free event, but you should book your tickets ahead of time.

Check out the Gay Star Beach Party Facebook page for updates and more information.

The party and travel show also boasts a real sandy beach, swimming pool, swimwear catwalk show, the chance to win some amazing luxury holidays and lots more.

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