Boys in heels respond to Russia’s anti-gay ‘Crazy Law’

Ukrainian pop sensation Kazaky releases their latest video titled ‘Crazy Law’, a possible rebuttal to Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws

Boys in heels respond to Russia’s anti-gay ‘Crazy Law’
10 March 2013

Kazaky has released a new single that could be interpreted as a response to Russia’s gay gag law.

The Ukranian all-boy-band, a group of muscled dancers who don stiletto heels to headline performances that include Diesel fashion shows and Madonna music videos, has released a new video titled “Crazy Law’.

Judging from the song’s lyrics, Queerty’s Dan Avery wonders if the latest single from the electronic group is ‘a reference to neighboring Russia’s gay propaganda ban’.

Suggestive lyrics include :
‘Why am I feeling? This is a crazy law
You can have many laws, even how you’re born
Why am I feeling, this is a crazy law
I’m not trying to show you something wrong’

Change your dance
It’s not too late
Use your chance don’t make it bad
Shake sexy rolls use it in the
All too long give me more and more

The mood and tone of the music video, allegedley filmed in an Eastern European prison, give the impression that the boys are referring to something more than a sexy dance. Check out the music video below and judge for yourself, and be sure to check out other music videos of some of their most popular songs.



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