Brazil and US to lead $200 billion gay travel spend in 2014

Countries that demonstrate a genuine commitment to the LGBT community are expected to benefit most from this record-breaking travel spend projection

Brazil and US to lead $200 billion gay travel spend in 2014
08 November 2013

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals will contribute $202 billion (€149 billion) to the travel industry next year, predicts LGBT marketing agency Out Now.

Out Now specializes in helping the global travel market understand the needs of the LGBT traveller, offering services like corporate training schemes for hotel staff and research studies with data from LGBT consumers around the world.

As a result of their LGBT2020 market research study, Out Now has concluded the US and Brazil will lead the market for LGBT tourism, with $56.5 billion (€42 billion) and $25.3 billion (€19 billion) respectively.

LGBT Europeans are expected to account for $66.1 billion (€49.5 billion) of total tourism spending, according to the LGBT2020 report.

So where and how will lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travellers spend their money?

Out Now Senior Consultant Darren Cooper told Gay Star Travel: ‘Those countries and destinations with strong equality legislation for LGBT people, and those that can demonstrate that they take this market seriously will undoubtedly be the ones that benefit the most from increased revenues and visitors.

The LGBT2020 research also reveals that LGBT travellers will choose to spend their tourism dollars with suppliers that invest in training staff to understand the issues that may concern LGBT people.’

For travel tips, stories and photos from LGBT travellers and allies around the world, visit Gay Star Travel online.



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