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Brazilian crowned world transgender beauty queen

Brazilian transgender woman Marcelo Ohio has won the 9th Miss International Queen beauty pageant in the Thai city of Pattaya
Pattaya, Thailand
Photo by D Ramey Logan

Brazilian Marcelo Ohio was crowed the 2013 Miss International Queen in Pattaya over the weekend in a competition including 25 transgender women from 17 countries.

American Shantell D'Marco came second in the international transgender beauty pageant, with local contestant Nethnapada Kanrayanon coming third.

Ohio was one of three Brazilians to enter the contest this year, organized by the Tiffany's Show Pattaya.

She will take home a prize package including 300,000 baht (around US$10,000), a crown with real gems and a free surgical procedure at a Bangkok plastic surgery clinic.

Tiffany’s show has been showcasing the talents of transgender performers for 40 years and launched its international pageant for transgender women in 2004.

Pageant organizer Arisa Phanthusak said Thailand was unique in being just one of a handful of societies where transgender people had such a high profile and acceptance.

‘It is in our character to be tolerant,’ she told the Bangkok Post, ‘We are free here, and we are service-oriented people.’

Photos by Miss International Queen:

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