Brian Epstein honoured in Liverpool

Liverpool theatre renamed Epstein Theatre in honour of The Beatles’ Manager

Brian Epstein honoured in Liverpool
11 May 2012 Print This Article

A Liverpool theatre re-opened this week as the Epstein Theatre in honour of the gay manager of The Beatles who died in 1967.

The theatre in the centre of Liverpool, previously called The Neptune, has received a £1.2million ($1.9million, €1.5million) refurbishment.

The honouring of the troubled manager who gave the world The Beatles doesn’t end with the theatre’s name, in the autumn a play will bring the story of his life to the stage. Epstein by local writer Andrew Sherlock will run from 15 November to 1 December.

Epstein is credited with setting up The Beatles for world domination by smartening up their look and securing their record deal with EMI. He died after an overdose of prescription drugs in August 1967 a month before homosexuality was decriminalised in the UK.

Lifelong friend of Epstein, Joe Flannery, said at the theatre opening: ‘Brian would have been so proud’.



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