Brighton Pride announce final two themes for 2012’s event

The public will be able to choose the theme for the event on England's south coast

Brighton Pride announce final two themes for 2012’s event
10 April 2012

Brighton Pride have announced the final two themes in consideration for this year’s event, with the winner to be decided by the local community and online voters. The choice is between the United Colours of Pride and Triumphs and Tragedies.

The event will take place on 1 September in Brighton in the south of England. The final two themes were picked after local newspaper the Argus called for suggestions from readers.

The United Colours of Pride was chosen to raise awareness of countries where members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community are still persecuted. The theme is meant to highlight this while still keeping the carnival atmosphere pride is known for.

Triumphs and Tragedies too highlights the tragedies in countries around the world where the LGBT community struggle for equality, but also the triumphs made possible thanks to pride.

Pride director Trevor Edwards said: ‘The panel were looking for something that acknowledged the struggles and sometimes turbulent history of the Pride movement both around the world and here in Brighton and Hove. We think that the themes we have chosen do just that, whilst allowing for a wonderful burst of expression throughout the parade and park.’

The public can vote for their favourite theme through the Argus newspaper for free, with full details available on their website. Voting closes at noon on Thursday (12 April). The final theme will be announced on Friday (13 April).



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