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British footballer Liam Davis decides to come out as gay at the beginning of his career

'I personally hope that over the next 10 years I’m not the only gay footballer out there'
Footballer Liam_Davis
Photo courtesy of Gainsborough Trinity

Inspired by the recent coming out of German superstar Thomas Hitzlsperger, British semi-pro footballer Liam Davis has also come out as gay.

While Hitzlsperger came out after his retirement, Davis is at the beginning of his career. He currently plays midfield for Gainsborough Trinity.

'At the age of 23 I like to think that I’ve got a good number of years left in the game and a lot of time to make a stand,' Davis tells the Lincolnshire Echo newspaper.

'I personally hope that over the next 10 years I’m not the only gay footballer out there,' he adds. 'Nobody wants to be forced out, but I hope they can look and see there is someone out there who has done it. I hope we can get to a stage where it is not a bad thing, that there is no problem and people just get on with it.'

He joined the Trinity last summer and said he never thought about hiding the fact that he is gay from his teammates. Davis confirmed his sexuality to a teammate who asked him during a night out at a pub.

'It turned out they all knew from the first day I was at training,' he says.

And it has been fine the entire time.

'That is the one thing I will say I really enjoy about playing for Gainsborough, is that it is a very close knit group of lads,' Davis says. 'Some of them have known each other for years and the others that come in are made to feel welcome, nobody is made to feel an outcast.'

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