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British MP to introduce bill to ban ‘gay cure’ therapists

As millions of Brits have had 'treatment' from unqualified therapists who may prescribe 'gay cures', several politicians are calling an end to quack treatment
Geraint Davies MP is introducing a bill to ban 'gay cure' therapists.

A British member of parliament will introduce a bill to ban ‘gay cure’ therapists this week.

Geraint Davies, a Labour MP for Swansea West, has called for nationwide regulation of mental health therapists – ensuring any gay teen or adult is not faced with quack treatment.

‘Anyone can set themselves up as a counsellor or psychotherapist without training or experience with no recourse for the patient if something goes wrong,’ he said.

‘Millions of people, often with mental health problems who are therefore vulnerable and at risk, are being given therapy in an unregulated industry with no uniform code of conduct or ethics.

‘I call on the Government to regulate counsellors and psychotherapists by bringing them into the jurisdiction of the Health and Care Professions Council.’

If accepted, the bill would mean to work as a psychotherapist or a counsellor, you must meet the necessary standards of qualifications and experience.

The bill has cross-party support with the early day motion being signed by 53 MPs.

Signees include Green Party’s Caroline Lucas, former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy, as well as a few surprising names like Conservative MP David Davies.

During the fight for same-sex marriage to be legalized in England and Wales, he said ‘parents don’t want gay children’ and that he could not be bigoted as he once punched a gay boxer.

The bill comes after gay journalist Patrick Strudwick revealed how ‘gay cure’ therapists were still a major issue in the UK, and set the wheels in motion for the woman who attempted to ‘treat’ him to be struck off by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

During the Labour Government, there were plans to regulate mental health therapists. These plans were shelved by the Conservative-led coalition when they took office in 2010.

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