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British rowing team strips down to tackle gay hate

Warwick University Rowing Club is posing nude for the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation, raising money to fight homophobia and other forms of bullying
Warwick University Rowing Club is posing nude to tackle homophobia. We're not complaining.

A British rowing team is stripping down to raise money to combat homophobia.

For the past four years, in between training for competitions, the Warwick University Rowing Club have raised money by posing nude for a calendar.

And this year, they will be donating a portion of the money raised to the LGBT ally and rugby legend Ben Cohen’s anti-homophobia and bullying charity.

On the fundraising page for the upcoming 2014 calendar, the team writes: ‘We have been humbled by the response from around the world to our campaign last year to raise funds for the Ben Cohen Foundation, combating bullying and homophobia in sport.

‘We decided that we wanted to do more, firstly to say thank you to the gay community who have given us so much support over the last four years, but also to honour the many people who have shared stories with us of the difficulties they faced in coming to terms with their sexuality against a backdrop of bullying and hate.’

For the first time, there will also be a women’s calendar. The women’s rowing team will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Research, to be specifically spent on cervical cancer research and support.

Warwick has both gay and straight rowers in the squad, and so far has raised £11,760 ($18k, €14k) for the men’s upcoming 2014 calendar.

Buy one here (Warning: Some images may be NSFW).

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