Burger King to start selling gay burgers

Fast food giant has revealed the Proud Whopper, a burger with a very special message for Gay Pride

Burger King to start selling gay burgers
02 July 2014

Burger King is to start selling gay burgers.

The fast-food giant has revealed The Proud Whopper, a limited edition product only sold for one week in one city.

San Francisco customers got a first taste of the burger during Sunday’s pride parade, wanting to see what made this patty different from any other.

When diners unwrapped the rainbow wrapper and got the taste, they found it was exactly the same as any other burger.

To emphasize the point, the interior comes with a second message: ‘We Are All The Same Inside’.

The campaign was conceived just a few months ago as a way for Burger King to bring the company’s new ‘Be Your Way’ tagline to life, changed from the decades old ‘Have It Your Way’.

‘As a brand, we welcome everyone,’ a Burger King spokesman has said. ‘We felt the Proud Whopper could bring to life a message of equality, self-expression, authenticity and just being who you are.’

Burger King also sponsored pride parades in New York and San Francisco, as well as making sure Gay Star News UK readers in London, Brighton and Manchester got special offers in our Jean Paul Gaultier-designed bags.



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