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Burger King under fire for their new gay burger

Several homophobic social media users are boycotting the fast food giant for their 'fag burgers'
Burger King's Proud Whopper is under fire for being a 'fag burger'.

Burger King is under fire for their new 'gay burger'.

The fast-food giant revealed The Proud Whopper, a limited edition product sold only in San Francisco for one week only.

Customers in the city got their first taste of the burger during Sunday’s pride parade, but for some that first bite was very bitter.

Some social media users were outraged by the burger, a standard Whopper with a rainbow wrapper with the message: ‘We Are All The Same Inside’.

Using the hashtag #BoycottBurgerKing, some said they would not eat there until they stopped selling the ‘fag burgers’.

But there were some happy customers, as seen from this great promotional video:

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Very Nice Man ... Tnx For This Article العاب تلبيس بنات

‘Our nationals have every right to put their government to task and to question the performance of government, but outsiders should not have this privilege.' Happy New Year MKV

Really can not imagine, this idea can be thought out ...

I'm gay & I think it's funny! Can't people lighten up? Everyone's back is always up. Let's relax & have fu.

I think its cool.. a great message to all the haters.. We are all the same inside.. 3 point cash formula software

WOW! It's hard to imagine how an obese American is going to survive going an entire week without eating at Burger King - especially with so many other food options available to them! Africa, PLEASE send aid now.