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Bus driver sprays kissing teen lesbian couple with water, gets fired

Bosses immediately laid off the driver as a 'protective measure' to ensure no other gay couple is discriminated against
A bus driver was fired for kicking off a lesbian couple for kissing.

A French public bus driver sprayed water all over a young lesbian couple for kissing, and immediately got fired.

Transport authorities in the city of Nancy, northern France, said they had laid off a driver ‘as a protective measure’ after he admitted to attacking the couple.

The driver stopped in front of a high school to pick up students around 5.30pm on Friday (21 March).

As one of the girls kissed her girlfriend goodbye, the driver allegedly uncapped a bottle of water he had with him and threw it all over them.

One of the teens rode the bus to her destination, La Parisien reports, drenched from water before she confronted the driver at the end of her journey.

He reportedly told her he was ‘against homosexuality’ and told her to get off the bus.

When the girl reported the incident, the driver was fired after admitting to his bosses about the incident.

‘The act cannot be tolerated and that’s why the driver involved was immediately laid off as a protective measure,’ the transport service said.

The girl is also planning on filing a formal complaint against the driver.

The couple are not the only victims of homophobic violence in France.

During the fight to get same-sex marriage legalized, homophobic attacks reached new extremes last year.

At its peak, a gay rights activist was brutally murdered in a gang attack.

And in April last year, a gay man who posted a picture of himself on social media after being beaten up became known in France as the ‘Face of Homophobia’.

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