Businessman bailed in Hong Kong male model molestation case

Gay businessman Jerome Lau Ting-sing bailed after four months in prison for molesting male models

Businessman bailed in Hong Kong male model molestation case
12 October 2012

A Hong Kong businessman who was jailed for indecently assaulting male models broke down in tears when told he could be released on bail yesterday.

Jerome Lau Ting-sing was sentenced to 17 months in prison last June for indecent assault relating to an incident when Lau invited a male model to his apartment to photograph him.

Lau also threatened to publish naked photographs of the male models, leading to two convictions of criminal intimidation.

Sixty-two-year-old Lau ‘sobbed and shook with emotion’ when he heard he would be freed on a $50,000 (Hong Kong dollars, $6,450 €4,986) bail, South China Morning Post reports.

As Lau left court he nodded when asked if he was visiting his 92-year-old mother.

In court earlier this year two male models testified that Lau had indecently assaulted them. ‘He touched my genitals and made me feel uncomfortable and humiliated,’ said model B in court in May.

When he was convicted in June Judge Ernest Lin Kam-hung said ‘such behaviour is abhorred by the public and must be discouraged. It is not only illegal but also morally despicable.’

Lau is appealing against his conviction and the severity of the 17 month sentence. 



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