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Woman given life sentence for stabbing lesbian lover as she slept

Chooi Cheung attacked her lover and former employee with a knife, suspecting she was leaving the country with money she had lent her
The jury at Luton Crown Court heard Cheung stabbed Tiong in the face and neck as she was sleeping

A woman who stabbed her lesbian lover in the face and neck while she was sleeping has been sentenced with life imprisonment.

In December 2013, businesswoman Chooi Cheung, 53, stabbed her lover of seven years Leng Hie Tiong, 38, in the face and neck as they lay in bed together.

The attack was reportedly sparked by Cheung thinking Tiong was going to leave her and move back to Malaysia, along with a large amount of money she had lent her.

Cheung, who lives in Birmingham, UK, brought a knife from her home and traveled to Milton Keynes to Tiong’s house. The court heard the pair spoke for a while before Tiong fell asleep and awoke moments later to find Cheung pressing the knife against her neck.

Tiong, who was known as August, told the court about her relationship with Cheung, who was known as Julie.

‘I remember looking at the clock, it was 4.48,’ said Tiong.

‘Julie told me to go back to sleep. I said to Julie: ‘‘We have been together for seven years. You feel I don’t love you,’’ I said: ‘‘I feel I really love you.’’ She did not reply. I turned around and went to sleep.’

‘She was using a knife, pressing it against my neck. At first I thought it was her fingernails. There was blood on my body and I screamed. Then the knife was in my mouth. I was screaming.’

The judge at Luton Crown Court yesterday (12 June) found Cheung guilty of attempting to murder her lover and sentenced her to life imprisonment.

‘I am satisfied you were furious with her for using some of that money to help her family in Malaysia and you thought she was intent on moving there and abandoning you,’ said judge Richard Foster.

The two women met in 2007 when Tiong, a chef, came to work in a Chinese restaurant owned by Cheung in Dudley.

Soon afterwards, they started having a sexual relationship and the court heard they were extremely volatile together.

Cheung is married and lives with her husband Tony and their two children in Birmingham, West Midlands.

During the period the two women had met and begun having a sexual relationship, Cheung had lent Tiong around £38,000, reported the Milton Keynes Citizen.

Cheung will serve a minimum of 10 years before she can be considered for parole.

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