Californian anti-marriage equality activist admits to same-sex attractions in youth

A leading anti-marriage equality lawyer has admitted to having same-sex attractions in his youth in a dialogue with a gay activist and has apologized for a speech he gave referencing Nazism when talking about same-sex marriage

Californian anti-marriage equality activist admits to same-sex attractions in youth
02 June 2013

Pacific Justice Institute president Brad Dacus has admitted to past same-sex attractions in a discussion with gay rights activist and YouTube personality Jeff 4 Justice and has apologized for a 2008 speech he gave which referenced Nazism and Adolph Hitler in speaking about same-sex marriage.

‘We all have our things we’re working through. I have my dark closet like everyone else,’ Dacus said while speaking to Jeff about human sexuality.

Asked if he had ever experienced same-sex attractions Dacus said ‘In early adolescence that’s very common.’

But when asked if he had ever experimented sexually with another male, Dacus said ‘don’t even go there,’ saying that it wasn’t appropriate to ask about those kinds of things.

‘I will says this, I have the potential … to engage in all kinds of sexual acts and practices and there is no temptation that has taken over you that … is [not] common to man,’ Dacus said, ‘I recognize that, and I think in humility the Christian church needs to recognize that as well.’

Earlier in the interview Dacus acknowledged that some of the most extreme homophobes were people who were compensating for youthful same-sex attractions.

In 2008 in a rally in support of the Prop 8 campaign to ban same-sex marriage Dacus had referenced ‘Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler,’ in speaking out against same-sex marriage in the state of California.

However he told Jeff that he now recognized he had misspoke.

‘What I said was, we should learn from the past, we should learn from the church in Nazi Germany that decided to be silent, and because of their silence the atrocities that were taking place, in terms of what they knew was wrong, … they new it was terrible and they were silent … and because they were silent bombs not only fell upon Germany they fell upon the reputation and testimony of the church,’Dacus said.

‘My point was that the Christian church has to learn not to be silent about things that they believe in and what they know is right and wrong … It was by no means analogizing homosexuality with Nazism.’

‘It was a terrible analogy, the metaphor fell on its face … The Nazis were atrocious in victimizing homosexuals.’

Dacus apologized for the comments and also for how LGBT people had historically been treated by churches but maintained his opposition to same-sex marriage as he thought heterosexual marriage was best for children.

Dacus agreed to speak to Jeff after Jeff interrupted a speech he was giving in a church in Jeff’s hometown in 2011.



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