Call for worldwide LGBT civil rights march on 21 April

American gay rights advocate Joseph Knudson is calling for the whole world to join LGBT rights march

Call for worldwide LGBT civil rights march on 21 April
31 January 2012

Gay rights advocate and The Gayly Blogger, Joseph Knutson is calling for LGBT communities all over the world to march for their civil rights on 21 April. Knudson and other activists have started a Facebook event called LET'S REACH 1 MILLION PEOPLE CAMPAIGN…It's a start! LGBT EQUALITY.

The activists describe their campaign as a 'call to arms' and are appealing for 'lead organizers' in cities all over the world to come forward and register, plan and organize a march in their city. So far marches are planned for Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Oklahoma City, Portland and outside America, in Pakistan and the Philippines.

Knudson said in a statement: ‘These marches have been in the making for several months now and with the recent developments at the United Nations, as well as the recent speech by our Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the momentum is high; with this being election year it is vitally important to get this education out there to society/general public and all levels of government as to the plight of the LGBT and the importance to the LGBT of the elections in November. We need to continue this momentum and build upon it so that come November the LGBT advancement of rights does not take a step backwards.’

Knudson appealed to ‘all LGBT Equality organizations, civil rights and human rights organizations’
to come together ‘to educate and enlighten societies and governments worldwide as to our right to live within the same laws and guarantees allowed all other segments of society’.

In an accompanying in YouTube clip for the campaign transgender woman Chrisie Edkins says that the marches are 'a chance to change the world altogether …but it cannot be done with just a few people'. See the video here:



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