Calling the media ‘simplistic,’ Bristol Palin calls questions about her thoughts on gays ‘silly’

'If I have a gay dance partner, we may have some interesting discussions'

Calling the media ‘simplistic,’ Bristol Palin calls questions about her thoughts on gays ‘silly’
07 August 2012

While appearing before TV writers with fellow cast members of the all-star edition of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars last month, Bristol Palin was asked if she would mind if she were paired with an openly gay male dancer in the competition.

Palin, star of the Lifetime reality show Life’s a Tripp, said that just because she believes in ‘traditional marriage,’ does not mean that she’s a ‘homophobe.’

The daughter of former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has written a blog post to elaborate on her thoughts on the matter and is taking issue with being asked the question in the first place.

‘Frankly, I found the question silly,’ she writes. Of course, I’d most like to dance with Mark (Ballas) again, but that’s up to the producers! If I can’t dance with Mark, I’d love to dance with a gay partner, a straight partner, or anything in between.’

‘But the media can’t seem to figure this out,’ she adds. ‘In their simplistic minds, the fact that I’m a Christian, that I believe in God’s plan for marriage, means that I must hate gays and must hate to even be in their presence.  Well, they were right about one thing: there was hate in that media room, but the hate was theirs, not mine.’

In May, Palin wrote a blog entry called Hail to the Chiefs – Malia and Sasha Obama, in which she blasted President Barack Obama for allegedly letting his daughters, who have friends with same-sex parents, influence his historic decision to support gay marriage.

‘If I have a gay dance partner, we may have some interesting discussions about morality, marriage, and whether the government made him a great dancer because it built the roads that he drove on to dance practice,’ she writes. ‘But I can promise you that I’ll give it my best effort, I’ll learn all I can learn, and I’ll be proud to hoist that elusive mirror ball trophy right by his side.’



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