Calls to help Molly’s amnesia

As Molly Meldrum's condition improves, medical teams treating his post-traumatic amnesia ask for help

Calls to help Molly’s amnesia
15 January 2012

As gay Aussie pop guru Molly Meldrum's condition improves, medical teams treating his post-traumatic amnesia ask friends and family for images or messages to help jolt his memory.

The 65-year-old, who has been hospitalised from a severe fall since 15 December 2011, is currently suffering from memory loss and speaks only intermittently.

In an email from Meldrum's PA, Yael Cohn, to his closest friends, she asked that they send words or pictures of their relationship to help speed the recovery process along.

'He is now going through a phase of recovery where the doctors have requested we bring photos of friends to jolt his memory as well as messages that can be read out to him,' she wrote.

Cohn, along with Meldrum's brother Brian, are the only people permitted to visit the music legend as he rests in a blacked-out room in intensive care at The Alfred hospital, Melbourne. Doctors say too many visitors could overwhelm him.

According to reports, Cohn repeatedly reads the messages to her boss, one after the other, to illicit some kind of response.

In total, Meldrum suffered a fractured skull, brain swelling, a broken collarbone, rib fractures and a punctured lung.

He is expected to leave hospital this week to continue treatment in a rehabilitation centre.



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