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Calvin Klein's ex-boyfriend's apology for Fire Island party incident not well received

Host Michael Lucas responds: 'Please feel free to write “I am straight” on your forehead and stay home'

Nick Gruber, the much-younger ex of Calvin Klein, has apologized for a 'misunderstanding' he had on Fire Island when he crashed a private party of gay adult film entrepreneur Michael Lucas.

'I did not really understand how a big party like that worked, and when I was asked to leave your part of the party, I definitely overreacted. Please accept my apologies,' Gruber wrote in an email that Lucas shared today on Facebook.

Gruber went on to write that he was at the party with a couple who had donated in the high six-figures to charities and he did not understand how a party like that worked.

'I hope I didn’t spoil anyone’s day. It was a fun and unique party and I was glad to be there,' he wrote. 'I hope next time we meet we can have a coffee and I can apologize in person.'

Chances are Lucas won't be interested unless Gruber wants to explain why he was at a gay party and, according to Lucas, said to two guys who bumped into him: 'Keep your hands away from me! I'm straight!'

Lucas thanked Gruber for the apology then let him have it.

'The problem was not that you had mistakenly come to the wrong area of the party (and it doesn’t matter to me at all who you came with or how much they donated),' he wrote. 'Many people knew just as little as you did about how the party was set up, but somehow no one else got into a big argument about it.'

Lucas added: 'The problem was that your behavior was boorish and loudly homophobic. Screaming that you are straight and that you don’t want gay men to touch you would be unacceptable in any social situation, much less a crowded gay party.'

'If you are so defensively straight that you truly can’t bear the idea of gay people touching you, then maybe a crowded gay party might not be the best place for you. Please feel free to write “I am straight” on your forehead and stay home. No one will bother you there, and you won’t bother anyone back.'

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