Calvin Klein’s ex-boytoy gets into trouble – again

Nick Gruber crashes new boyfriend's car while out on date with a woman

Calvin Klein’s ex-boytoy gets into trouble – again
04 January 2013

Calvin Klein’s former boyfriend Nick Gruber has added more material for the book he is writing about his life with the fashion icon.

Gruber was reportedly on a date with a woman when totaled a $100,000 BMW belonging to current boyfriend John Luciano in a three-car accident in Los Angeles this week, according to the New York Post.

The crash occurred after Gruber and the woman had spent the day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Gruber went suffered a broken nose and some bruises and was taken to Sherman Oaks Hospital. No one else was injured.

Luciano, the 48-year-old grand-nephew of notorious mobster Lucky Luciano, tells The Post: ‘The thing about Nick, he has a lead foot and rocks for brains.’

During their relationship, Klein gave Gruber a 2011 Bentley Supersport that had a price tag of more than $250,000. He took back after their split earlier this year.

Gruber met Klein while he was serving in the US Army. He came out by showing his superiors a bisexual porn film in which he had appeared and was discharged. He soon found himself living in his own New York City penthouse paid for by Klein.

The relationship became strained when Klein suspected Gruber of cheating but the younger man says he passed a lie detector test to put his fears to rest. But trouble surfaced again in April when Gruber was arrested on assault and drug charges.

Klein paid for his rehab but the romance was over. Gruber is writing a book about their time together.



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