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Calvin Klein's former boyfriend, Nick Gruber, talks to Gay Star News

'The world is obsessed with putting people in categories'
Model Nick Gruber, black and white shirtless

Give Nick Gruber and his public relations firm, PlanetPR, credit.

Sure Out magazine reports Calvin Klein's former love interest turned down a chance to star in a Bravo reality show. Then there was that Fire Island spat with gay porn kingpin Michael Lucas.

Don't forget the mystery of the proposed book project about his relationship with the fashion designer. In an interview with Gawker, Gruber insisted he 'never said' anything about book writing.

At the end of last month, the New York Post published snippets of the proposal. Called Obsession: My Life With Calvin Klein, journalist Lisa Arcella is the co-author.

According to the alleged project, the Gruber/Klein relationship seemed troubled from the start.

Despite all the buzz, and seeming contradictions, the 23-year-old continues to emphasize his future: owning an extreme sports company. And keeping mum about certain questions.

Before life as a small business owner, the model will be walking in two New York City Fashion Week shows this weekend. Gay Star News asked to have a brief sit down with Gruber, but he declined claiming lack of time. He did concede to an email conversation.

Who invited you to Ascension?

I went with my friends Hal Rubenstein and David Nichol, who are chairs of the charity that the party benefits.

It's reported you said to Michael Lucas 'I don't want any gay people to touch me.' Did you say that? What incident caused the  disturbance?
I did not use that phrase.

After over five people were getting touchy-feely with me, I got frustrated and said to one of them something like, 'Hey, I'm not gay, can you ease off?' Again,  I don't remember the exact phrase as I wasn't planning to write it all  down on Facebook

Have you heard from Lucas since your apology?

No. He decided to forward my private apology to him, and his comments, to the media. Which just shows what his goals were from the start  about all this.

Will you be going to Fire Island again this summer? 

I don't have any plans to, but I'm open to it.

You seem to have a temper. Or at the very least all your public  run-ins are anger related. Do you think that's a fair assessment or arm chair psychology?

Like a lot of people, I'm working on my issues.  I want to improve myself.

When did you return to New York? What are your present plans?
I came back to New York in June to restart my career. I feel lucky to  work with Matt Rich and PlanetPR on how people think of me. I'm  planning on modeling, getting in shape and starting my extreme-sports  training company.
Are you and Calvin Klein still in contact? How would you describe your relationship now?

No comment.
You've always been circumspect on how you and Klein met. I don't  expect that change, but with the fame  glare you've been under has there been a time when you wished you never met him?
No, I'm very happy we met.

While you admit you're happy met Klein. at least from the alleged book proposal the relationship seems to have been strained from the start. Is it true you were pressured to 'profess your love?' What type of pressure was used?

No comment.

Did you turn down a reality show project from Bravo and what do have to say about the comments John Luciano makes about you in Out magazine?

No comment.

Do  you see school in your future?

Yes, I am thinking about taking some business courses so I can set up  my extreme-sports training company.
You are certain about your sexuality, but also say you don't like  labels. If you're against labels, why the firm declaration about being straight?

I think it's fair to let people be who they are. The world is obsessed  with putting people in categories. That just doesn't seem right to me.

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