Campaigners tell UK prime minister housing cuts would hurt young gays

LGBT campaign group Queers Against the Cuts are calling for David Cameron to review his proposed cuts to young people’s housing benefits

Campaigners tell UK prime minister housing cuts would hurt young gays
02 July 2012

Queers Against the Cuts (QUAC) have called on Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron to rethink his plan to scrap housing benefits to the under 25s.

The Conservative party leader announced his plan to cut housing benefit to young Britons on Monday last week (25 June). But QUAC say this will particularly hurt gay youngsters.

‘This cut would seriously hurt many young lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender people,’ Richard Farnos, QUAC’s co-convenor said. ‘Many have a difficult relationship with their parents quite often leaving them to be thrown out of their homes.

‘Cameron’s plan would mean that they have to prove that they can’t live with their parents – which is hardly conductive to reconciliation. The consequence of this will be more exploited and homeless LGBT youth.’

Cameron’s plans, which might become part of the Conservatives’ next election manifesto, were announced as part of a package of cuts to the benefits system announced on 25 June.

Cameron has argued the point of cutting benefits for the under 25s is to make young people earn their independence: ‘The welfare system we inherited encourages them to grab the independence, rather than earn it,’ he said.

‘Indeed we find the whole package insulting,’ Farnos added. ‘It is like reading a Daily Mail editorial. It perpetuates the myth that single parents automatically get a council house or that people like to live on the dole.

‘Poverty is not caused by debt, family breakdown, educational failure or drug addiction as Cameron claims, rather these are a consequence of poverty. Poverty is caused by his failing economic system that even before the bank crisis led the poor to get poorer and the rich, richer.’

Queers Against the Cuts formed in January 2011 for LGBT people to oppose the coalition government’s cuts to public services, job losses and the dismantling of the UK welfare state.

Farnos told Gay Star News that Queers Against the Cuts are supporting the Trade Union’s Congress march in London on 20 October.



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