Can gays find London on a map?

GSN finds out if gays are better at geography than Jessie J

Can gays find London on a map?
26 October 2012

Earlier this week, bisexual popstar Jessie J let slip an embarrassing secret that despite growing up in London, she still can’t find it on a map.

The Domino singer, 24, admitted: ‘I’m intelligent but I’m not academic. I’m not someone who can work out massive sums. I got 4% in my geography exam and to this day I struggle to find London on the weather map.’

This got us at GSN thinking, are we any better at geography? To find out, we asked a number of people in London’s most famous gay bar, G-A-Y in Soho.

First, the good news. Everyone we interviewed managed to point out London on a map, although one person did place it somewhere in Yorkshire.

We also found that most gays could correctly place the more exotic locations – nearly everyone asked correctly located Rio de Janeiro and Kuala Lumpur.

When asked to locate Canberra, the capital of Australia, half of those asked correctly placed it on the east coast. The other half placed it on the south coast, and one person put it in Central Australia, in an arid desert almost devoid of life.

Cape Town also proved to be tricky – while most people correctly located it in South Africa, just as many thought it was much further north than that, nearer to Nigeria and Cameroon.

Washington DC on the east coast of the USA, was only correctly identified by less than 30% of those asked. Most people believed it to be in the west, where the state of Washington is located. 10% placed it in an area that is actually Canada.

Beijing faired worst of all the cities, as nobody guessed its correct location (it’s found in the north east).

All in all, our geography skills aren’t too bad. Unlike Jessie J, at least we can find London on a map.



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