Canadian gay man stabbed, throat slit and now paralyzed after attack

A 27-year-old was airlifted to hospital after an homophobic attack left him dying in the street

Canadian gay man stabbed, throat slit and now paralyzed after attack
14 October 2013

A Canadian gay man was stabbed, his throat slit and is now paralyzed after a homophobic attack on Saturday (12 October).

Scott Jones, 27, was airlifted to Halifax hospital with critical injuries after police discovered the victim lying in the street after he was knifed.

Nova Scotia police were on a routine patrol before 2:30am when they saw a man on the ground near the intersection of Archimedes and Forbes Street.

Amy Punke, the victim’s friend, told CBC News: ‘He was walking with a friend and two men, who had previously been at the bar we were at, came running across the street.

‘One of the men distracted Scott’s friend and the other man stabbed Scott twice in the back and tried to slit his throat.’

The injury to Jones throat was superficial, but the multiple stab wounds to the back severed Jones spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

Punke added: ‘Myself, and his family and the people that know him, we feel that he may have been targeted because of the fact that he’s gay and he’s openly gay in town.’

Jones was taken to Aberdeen Hospital but then was airlifted to the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Center in Halifax.

Police said the victim remains in critical, but stable condition.

Nova Scotia police are asking that anyone with information regarding the homophobic attack to contact the authorities. 



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