Cardinal O’Brien: Teachers ‘will have to promote gay marriage’

Leader of Scotland's Roman Catholic Church tries once again to fight against marriage equality

Cardinal O’Brien: Teachers ‘will have to promote gay marriage’
10 June 2012

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the man that compared legalising gay marriage with bringing back slavery, has now warned parents Scottish schools will have to teach the validity of marriage equality.

The leader of the Scottish Roman Catholic Church told The Sunday Times today (10 June) teachers may have to discuss marriage equality in lessons.

The Scottish government has already reassured faith groups and parents that teachers will not be required to go against their beliefs.

However the Catholic Church believes that once marriage equality is a reality, they will be legally forced to state marriage is not just between a man and a woman.

O’Brien said: ‘It is clear that Scotland’s schools will be banned from promoting a traditional understanding of marriage if same-sex marriage becomes law.

‘This means reassurances offered by the Scottish government that schools and churches will be protected have been utterly hollow.

‘If they enact same-sex marriage legislation there is no question that the work of Catholic schools and parishes will be impaired, undermined and damaged.’

O’Brien has tried to stop marriage equality before, describing same-sex marriage as a ‘grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right’.

He has claimed gay marriage would be forced on Catholic churches and used discredited research to say same-sex relationships are unhealthy and inferior to straight ones, especially in bringing up children. He has also said schools will be forced to stock ‘homosexual fairy stories’ in their libraries.

The results of the Scotland consultation on marriage equality, conducted between September and December, will be revealed during June 2012.

In a recent Scottish Social Attitudes Survey, there was 61% support for the legislation and just 19% opposition. 



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