Case against Tel Aviv gay youth center shooting suspect collapses

Israeli prosecutors are considering charging the key witness in the Tel Aviv gay youth center shooting trial with perjury after their case against the main suspect collapsed

Case against Tel Aviv gay youth center shooting suspect collapses
06 March 2014

The key witness in the court case over the 2009 Tel Aviv mass shooting attack on the Bar Noar gay youth center may be charged with perjury, obstructing justice and fabricating evidence after the case against the main suspect in the attack collapsed.

Israeli prosecutors believe the case against suspect Hagai Felician will not be successful without the unnamed witness’ testimony and the witness has agreed to the cancellation of his state’s evidence agreement.

He was arrested and charged two weeks ago after new evidence emerged suggesting he had fabricated the original evidence used to indict Felician and the witness has since exercised his right to silence while prosecutors build a case against him.

Prosecutors believe that without the witness’ testimony the case against Felician will collapse and are likely to drop charges against him – though they haven’t ruled out resuming prosecution of him if new evidence emerges.

At around 11pm on 1 August 2009, a masked gunman entered the Bar Noah center, where the youth center is located, and opened fire on teenagers holding their weekly ‘LGBT Youth Get Together’ event.

The gunman killed Nir Katz, a 26 year-old volunteer and counselor at the center, and Liz Trobishi, a16 year old teenager.

An additional 15 people, most of them teenagers, were injured in the shooting, six of them with serious injuries.



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