Catholic priest says next pope should be gay

To avoid links with pedophilia, Italian LGBT rights campaigner and priest Don Andrea Gallo has said a gay pope would be 'wonderful'

Catholic priest says next pope should be gay
07 March 2013

Don Andrea Gallo, a religious LGBT advocate in Italy, has said a homosexual pope would be ‘wonderful’.

‘A homosexual pope would be a wonderful thing,’ he told Italy’s Radio 24. ‘There is equality of the children of God. It is the essence of the Gospel, we are all sons and daughters of God.’

Gallo added: ‘A homosexual priest should be free to express his or her identity and her sexuality, otherwise it represses and becomes pedophilia.’

In the interview, Gallo also revealed a bishop attempted to sexually assault him when he was a young priest.

When asked what he would do if he was pope, Gallo said he would send ‘all the priests away’ and preach Christianity on the street.

Gallo would also allow women to become priests, as he believes they are not inferior to men.

Last week, it was reported the recently retired Pope Benedict XVI would live with his private secretary Georg Gänswein – who is also rumored to be his secret boyfriend.

The choices for the next pope, however, all appear to be anti-gay.

Current favorite Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson has defended ‘Kill The Gays’ laws, saying it is part of African culture.

Another favorite, the Archbishop of Milan Angelo Scola, has also condemned homosexuality, as well as abortion and feminism.

The Vatican has yet to announce when they will begin discussing who will be the next pope, but it is thought 11 March is a possible start date. 



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