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Catholics oppose gay marriage ‘out of love’, claims UK bishop

Shrewsbury bishop Mark Davies has previously warned gay marriage will lead UK 'into darkness' and compared homosexuality to Nazism
Shrewsbury bishop Mark Davies has said Catholics oppose gay marriage out of 'love'.

A UK bishop has said the reason Catholics who oppose gay marriage is not because they want to restrict rights, but because they ‘love’.

Mark Davies, a Catholic bishop in Shrewsbury, has defended his recent statements on homosexuality, such as comparing it to Nazism.

His new comments come as England and Wales gay couples, the first in the UK, are preparing to get legally married on 29 March.

‘It is often said that there is a prejudicial hate, a sense of discrimination [that] lies behind the teachings of the Church and the Christian understanding of marriage,’ he told Life Site News.

‘What we need to always emphasize is that what lies behind this is love – a genuine love for every person.

‘That love very much extends, by the Church, to those who experience same-sex attraction.’

Davies is now saying he will continue to ‘battle’ on for his fight against same-sex marriage.

He said: ‘The essential battle is now for the very foundations of marriage, its identity in the union of man and woman, a lasting union, a union which is open to life and thereby the foundation of the family.’

The bishop was one of the most outspoken critics of same-sex marriage during the fight to get it legalized.

Last year, he said the country risks ‘falling into darkness’ leaving people unable to ‘distinguish between good and evil’.

During his last Christmas sermon he compared the UK ‘s push for marriage equality to ‘inhuman ideologies’ such as ‘Nazism and Communism’.

Stonewall sharply criticized the Bishop saying: ‘Gay people are all too aware of the horrific results of Nazi ideology due to the countless casualties of the Holocaust’.

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