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Celebrate a year of quirky bubble tea in London with free drink

Bubbleology cafés, which brought fruity bubble tea to London, celebrate their first year this Sunday
Inside a Bubbleology cafe.

Bubbleology cafés, the home of quirky drink Bubble Tea, are celebrating their first birthday with a free drink for all London customers this Sunday (22 April).

Popular in south-east Asia, bubble tea is a fruit-infused tea-based soft drink that has caramel-flavoured pearls of tapioca at the bottom. Now Bubbleology are celebrating a year of bringing the quirky drink to London with a cheeky giveaway.

Bubble Tea is made by Bubbleologists who trained in Taiwan to learn how to make the kooky drink, which had begun to spread around the world before heading to London last year. It’s especially popular at universities on America’s west coast.

If you’re in London on Sunday you can visit the Bubbleology cafés in gay mecca Soho or on the fifth floor of Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge for a free Kumquat fruit tea or an Almond or Taro flavoured milk tea between noon and 3pm and try it out.

You can read more about Bubble Tea and Bubbleology cafés on their website.

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