Celebrities react to California’s Prop. 8 ruling

Stars take to Twitter to express their support for gay marriage

Celebrities react to California’s Prop. 8 ruling
08 February 2012

Actors Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, who play gay couple Cam and Mitch on ABC's Modern Family, reacted in character when 9th District U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that California's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

Stonestreet, who is straight, posted a photo that he took with the openly gay Ferguson in which they are holding a sign which reads: 'Wouldn't you like to see us get married?'

They are among the celebrities who have been taking to Twitter to express their enthusiasm over this week's court ruling striking down Proposition 8 which was passed by voters in 2008.

Shortly after the ruling came down Tuesday (7 February) morning, Ferguson tweeted out this line from the written decision: 'Proposition 8 served no purpose, & had no effect, other than to lessen the status & human dignity of gays & lesbians in CA.”

Ellen DeGeneres, who is among the 18,000 or so California couples who got married in the state during a brief legal window in 2008, tweeted that she 'couldn't be happier. … Today we took another step towards equality.'

Four-time Tony winner Audra McDonald admitted to her Twitter followers that news of the court decision had her doing a jig: 'My dogs think I'm nuts for the NOH8 happy dance im doing right now.'

Miley Cyrus, who in the current issue of Glamour magazine talks about the backlash she suffered after getting a pro-gay marriage tattoo, simply tweeted to her followers: 'We’re one step closer beautiful people.'

Then there is actor and comedian Alec Mapa who displayed some of his trademark Twitter humor: 'BREAKING : Michelle Bachmann’s gay marriage now legal in California.'

Other stars had very short and succinct comments:

  • Kathy Griffin: 'Prop. 8 just got glitter bombed.'
  • RuPaul: ‘Prop 8, sashay away’
  • Cheyenne Jackson: 'Happiness'
  • Lance Bass: 'Well duh!
  • Michael Urie: 'Take THAT, prop 8.'



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