Celebs shake charity tin for Manchester Pride

Celebrities, patrons and performers support UK pride event by fundraising for good causes at Manchester Airport

Celebs shake charity tin for Manchester Pride
21 August 2012

Celebrity supporters of Manchester Pride were out in force yesterday (August 20) at the English city’s airport, collecting money for the gay festival.

Former NBA basketball player John Amaechi, British soap star Antony Cotton and actor Adam Zane were joined by Cuban cabaret diva Margarita Pracatan to collect donations for the charities and organizations supported by Manchester Pride.

Since 2007, pride has supported community organizations, such as the Lesbian and Gay Foundation’s free condom and lube scheme, the George House Trust HIV welfare fund and a series of grants available for local LGBT and HIV support groups.

This year the initiative is supported by easyJet and Manchester Airport who are headline sponsors of the festival. 

John Stewart, chief executive at Manchester Pride, said: ‘It is important to remember the focus is to support the vibrant, colorful community that we are part of, and initiatives such as this provide us with a unique opportunity to raise funds to support so many vital projects.’

Charity collections will take place in all airport terminals during Manchester Pride which runs from 17 to 29 August with the Big Weekend starting on Friday (August 24).  

Since 2003, Manchester Pride has raised and distributed over £1million ($1,600,000) to local organizations.

The festival is already in full swing after kicking-off last Friday with Pride Fringe, which features more than 40 events taking place throughout the city. 

For more information on Manchester Pride and how to donate, click here.



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