Cher glad she and transgender son Chaz Bono are getting along better than ever

Gay icon also says DOMA 'should never have been a law'

Cher glad she and transgender son Chaz Bono are getting along better than ever
02 July 2013

Cher, suddenly everywhere again from last weekend’s New York City Pride concert to NBC’s The Voice, says she and transgender son Chaz Bono are finally in a good place these days.

‘It was really difficult because it’s hard for like 40-something years to have this little girl,’ Cher told The Today Show this week. ‘I screw up my pronouns so often. But Chaz cuts me some slack – I’m old.’

At 67, Cher remains a stupendously popular gay icon. But she has famously had trouble adjusting to some major things in the life of her only child with her late husband and singing partner Sonny Bono.

Chaz Bono, born Chastity, first came out as a lesbian to her mother in the 1990s and Cher initially did not take it well. After accepting her child’s sexuality, Cher then balked several years later when Chaz decided to transition to male.

‘I’m crazy about him,’ says Cher who watched her son perform on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars in 2011 and also recently attended a play he is performing in in Hollywood.

‘We are getting along better, I think, than ever,’ Cher says.

Cher also weighed in on the US Supreme Court’s gutting of a key portion of the Defense of Marriage Act last week.

‘I thought it was amazing,’ she says. ‘It should never have been a law, it should never have been anything. It shouldn’t have been a thought – it shouldn’t have been a passing thought.’

As for her current high profile in advance of her first full studio album in more than a decade being released this fall, Cher says that after nearly 50 years of fame, she enjoys periodic breaks from the limelight.

‘It’s very difficult to get way from (being Cher),’ she says. ‘She’s just a horrendous bitch that follows me everywhere.’

But even after winning almost every major award there is to win and having a number one record in each of the last six decades, Cher admits she was frightened before singing live on The Voice last month.

‘I said (to my) mom this is how it goes: "In three minutes I’m either the greatest reincarnation of myself or it’s get yourself to a home – you’re too old!"’

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